XII Eurasian Economic Forum

XII Eurasian Economic Forum

The XII Eurasian Economic Forum was held in Verona on October 24–25. Its main focus was various aspects of mutual understanding and cooperation between the countries of the so-called Greater Eurasia, which includes countries across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Among the participants were leaders of European and Asian countries, diplomats, government officials and business persons. The key topics for discussion were the development of the global energy sector, new trends in economic and industrial development, latest solutions and best available practices in social and environmental spheres.

The event was organized by the Roscongress Foundation from the Russian Federation and Associazione Conoscere Eurasia from Italy. It is especially significant for events of such scale and importance that all issues that come up during preparations and the event itself are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. The #1 Event Management System sofware platform provided the means necessary to achieve this. Thanks to its modular structure, the EMS1 Platform can be easily adapted to the specifics of certain events and venues. For instance, during the Eurasian Economic Forum, 15 modules were implemented that were used to handle the following:

  • processing participant data;
  • handling correspondence with participants and mass media;
  • issuing badges for attendees;
  • organizing an additional event (a concert) for the attendees;
  • filling in surveys after the Forum concluded.

10 workplaces were set up to process data and issue badges, which allowed participants to register for the event quickly and easily. In total, 1,826 badges were issued during the event. To handle access control to the venue, 6 access checkpoints were set up, which registered 2,198 entries throughout the event. Participants were kept informed of the event schedule and updates via the automated mailing system, which sent out 15,692 messages in total. This, once more, proved that the EMS1 platform is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that allows organizers to minimize time spent on handling generic tasks that can be automated, such as participant registration or sending out messages. As a result, the services provided to each and every participant are of the highest international standard.


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