Gaidar Forum 2020

The Gaidar Forum 2020 was held in Moscow on January 15–16. Since 2011, the Gaidar Forum has been widely recognized as an event that takes stock of economic and social development of the Russian Federation in the previous year, and serves as well as a platform for discussion of key trends and strategies of the future. The Forum welcomes representatives from government bodies and leading businesses in Russia and abroad, along with renowned professionals and young scientists.

Organizing an event on such a scale is always a time-consuming and expensive process; however, modern software technologies allow organizers to reduce these expenses immensely. The #1 Event Management System was used to organize and manage the Gaidar Forum in 2020. Overall, 30 modules were used to solve various tasks, including:

  • access control of visitors, technical staff and vehicles;
  • registration of participants, and
  • issuing badges.

The EMS1 system has a modular structure that makes it truly universal. It can be easily adapted to the needs of any event by choosing plugins and modules best suited to the required purposes. Moreover, the #1 Event Management System provides a way to successfully handle large-scale events with multiple visitors. With the help of the EMS1 software, 20 accreditation booths were set up during the Gaidar Forum. These booths were used to seamlessly print and distribute more than 13,000 badges and 685 vehicle passes. During the two days of the event, more than 110,000 entries were registered and processed by the stationary and mobile access checkpoints. More than 20 such checkpoints were set up in the venue. The EMS1 system was also used to send over 75,000 messages with the help of an automated emailing plugin.

Once more, this proves that the #1 Event Management System is capable of automating key issues that may arise during the organizational stage and the event itself, optimizing their performance. This is crucial when organizing events on such a large scale.

 Event management made easy!

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