FINOPOLIS 2019 was a large-scale forum held on October 9–11 in Sochi. It focused on issues facing the development of the financial sector today. Each year, the forum welcomes more than 1500 business and government participants from Russia and across the globe. Comfort and security must be assured for every one of the guests. The participants have to have a way to promptly receive information and register for the organized events without wasting time. Furthermore, mass media representatives have to be registered for the event, security has to be assured, and necessary documents must be prepared and compiled. All these issues can be solved with the help of the #1 Event Management System. 

EMS1 is software that was developed as a set of modules, or plugins. This allows for easy adaptation to the specific features of any event. For the FINOPOLIS 2019 forum, 54 modules were used, three of which were developed specifically for the event. The system allowed for automated conclusion of contracts with forum participants; overall, 833 documents of 30 different types were prepared.

EMS1 Event Management System is easily scalable to provide for the needs of large-scale events with many participants. During the Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies, 6112 badges were issued to the participants, along with 100 vehicle passes. 19 automated workplaces were organized to register participants, which meant none of them had to wait long for their registration. 10 checkpoints were set up to monitor access to the venue; in total, more than 16,000 entries were processed during the event. Also, EMS1 was used to inform participants via automated newsletter and notification system (more than 56,000 messages overall).

As a result, the Event Management System successfully automated typical routine organizational issues, freeing up resources for other tasks.


Event management made easy!

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