Russia House

During the World Economic Forum on January 20-24, 2020, the Russia House was once again set up in Davos. Russia House is a platform for business negotiations and informal networking aimed at Russian and foreign business people, politicians, experts, and other WEF participants. The Russia House mission is to advance Russian initiatives on an international scale.

Even though the number of people participating in this event was nothing extraordinary by today’s standards—slightly less than 2,000 people—the organization had to be perfect, since the event had to strictly adhere to the highest international standards. The #1 Event Management System helped to successfully accomplish many organizational tasks. It was used, in particular, to:

  • conveniently store relevant data about the participants;
  • inform participants with the help of emailing and a call-center, and
  • manage accreditations.

An automated workplace was set up to perform the accreditation task, which enabled quick registration of participants and issuance of their badges, eliminating queues or delays. A total of 1,012 persons received accreditation, and over 9,000 emails were sent to inform them of scheduled Russia House events.

SUM1 is a highly scalable software system that can be easily adapted to the specifications of any number of events and venues. Its modular structure allows users to restrict components to just those that are actually needed, and to automate typical tasks, which helps to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Event management made easy!