The International Volunteer Forum

The Volunteers of Russia organization unites more than a million volunteers who participate in projects across various regions of the Russian Federation.. The International Volunteer Forum was held in Sochi on December 2–5, 2019. The program included a number of discussions dedicated to various aspects of volunteering; training, workshops and hands-on events for providing humanitarian aid.

27 modules of the #1 Event Management System were implemented during the organization of the Forum. One of them—the ticket printing module—was developed specifically for this event. The EMS1 system was used to successfully accomplish the following tasks:

  • registration of the participants and issuing their badges;
  • control of access to the event venue;
  • vehicles access control, and
  • newsletter emailing.

With the help of automated solutions, EMS1 significantly reduced the time investment when handling large volumes of data. Overall, 10,125 badges and 266 vehicle passes were issued. Also, 26 control points were set up for the event, including 4 points based on smartphone usage. A total of over 33,000 entry passes were processed through the access control points during the event.

Implementation of EMS1 software allowed the organizers to greatly reduce expenses and spend measurably less time on routine tasks during both the organizational stage and management of the event.


Event management made easy!

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