AI Journey 2019

AI Journey 2019.

AI Journey is a series of events focused on artificial intelligence and data analysis. The main goal of these events is to drive development of the AI and data analysis technologies, as well as organize sharing experiences and discussion of theoretical and practical innovations, new trends and prospects. The AI Journey conference on AI technologies in science and business was held in Moscow on November 9–11, 2019. It was attended by more than 300 speakers and experts, including scientists, business leaders, specialists in Data Science and in AI theory and practice.

The conference was organized with the help of the #1 Event Management System. The main purpose of using the EMS1 system was to control access to the event venue and to issue badges for participants. Overall, 7,463 badges were issued, which proved the ability of EMS1 to process massive data in a short timespan. 40 automated accreditation desks were set up to provide the participants with the fastest and the most comfortable registration process and to eliminate queues. 21 indoor checkpoints were set up to control access to the venue; a total of 34,645 entries were processed within 2 days.

Also, with the help of the automated emailing plugin, over 58,000 messages in total were sent out to inform participants on the event schedule, news, updates, and other important issues.

To prepare and hold the conference, 48 EMS1 modules and plugins were actively used. The EMS1 Platform features rich scaling capabilities, which help to adapt it for particular event challenges by selecting the required combination of plugins and distributing the resources depending on the number of participants.


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