The Russia—Africa Economic Forum

The Russia—Africa Economic Forum

The Russia—Africa Economic Forum took place in Sochi on October 23–24, 2019. The primary objective of the Forum was to determine and develop key strategic directions for commercial and economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and the countries of Africa. A number of plenary sessions, roundtable discussions, workshops and business meetings were held during the Forum, which were attended by officials from government and intergovernmental authorities of the African countries, as well as by representatives of large businesses with operations in Russia and Africa alike.

For any event that is attended by this many people, it is of utmost importance that the preparations and the event itself go as smoothly as possible. That is why the organizers implemented the EMS1 system. This allowed them to significantly reduce time and resource expenses when tackling generic issues, such as distributing information letters to participants, concluding contracts and controlling venue access. Certain plugins may be developed specifically for the event or the venue where it is being held. In this case, eight unique plugins were developed for the Russia—Africa Economic Forum, which assisted organizers in:

  • issuing access cards;
  • handling access control to the venue with the help of barcode readers;
  • relaying information on attendees and vehicles to event managers;
  • using a mobile application for access control purposes.

In total, 99 indoor access checkpoints with 8 handheld devices were set up for the event. In addition to from the aforementioned unique plugins, 51 standard modules of the EMS1 Platform were implemented.

Overall, 47,726 badges were issued to the attendees, who then passed through the access control checkpoints a total of 3,235,450 times, with 3,003 of these being processed with the help of handheld devices. As a result, the EMS1 Platform once again proved it is capable of handling important, large-scale events with no disruptions. Similarly, EMS1 was also used to control vehicle access to the event venue, with 8,124 vehicle passes issued. To keep clients informed throughout the preparation stage and the event itself, more than 236,000 emails were sent out. The EMS1 Platform significantly reduced the time and resource expenses for generic tasks, assuring a higher quality of service for each individual participant.


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